About us

We've developed innovative products.

President Greeting

Sung Il Ind. CO., Ltd., established July 1, 1972, is the first braider manufacturer in Korea and has been developing braiders for over 40 years with passion and responsibilitities.

All the staffs of Sung Il have put their passion and efforts to establish the best technologies of the braiders in the world market. Sung Il Ind. Co., LTd., have the world best technologies and experience to help our customers to produce the best products. Also, Sung Il is proud of ourselves for produciong the best quality braiders, and being accepted the quality by world wide customers.

All the staffs in Sung Il Co., Ltd. promise to all our customers that we make the best braiders in the world.

Year Description
July 1, 1972 Establish of Sung Il Precision Industry
Jan 4, 1975 Name change to Sung Il Industry
April 1, 1977 Unitialization of Braider Manufacturing
March 1, 1985 Mr Sie Young Lee is appointed as a president of Company
July 1, 1988 Incorporation of going business
December 1, 1988 New Factory in current location
July 1, 1989 Factory Expansion
December 26, 2005 Registration in Korea International Trade Association
June 20, 2006 Factory Expansion
October 27, 2007 ISO 9001/2000 Certification
November 17, 2008 Awarded USD 3,000,0000.00 export in one year
November 20, 2010 Awarded USD 5,000,0000.00 export in one year